Component 1 – ACTIVATION

Activation in the Modern Mystery School System is all about bring more of YOU online! The activations that come through this lineage will open, catalyze, stimulate and wake up dormant and unexpressed aspects of you to help you more fully express your True Self.

Life Activation

Using ancient spiritual technology, the Life Activation session literally turns on dormant DNA within your system. This means more of your gifts, talents, and life purpose can come directly through. In addition to any specific clearing work that might be needed, this individual session is your first step in upgrading your life!

Following this potent and life-changing activation is a series of additional activations to continue the upgrading process of all the different wiring in your system. These are done over a period of time and can be included in your individualized upgrade plan.

FULL SPIRIT ACTIVATION – Activates the brain, nervous system and endocrine system (pineal, thalmus & pituitary glands). This is done as an individual session. PART OF PHASE 1 UPGRADES.

GALACTIC ACTIVATION SERIES – Begins the process of refining and re-tuning your energy system to work more directly with the Galactic energies that are coming on to the planet. These activations are done as international classes and there are numerous levels (often require travel to an international center). These activations are part of Phase 2 and Phase 3 upgrades.

SACRED GEOMETRY ACTIVATION SERIES – Using the powerful tools of sacred geometry, this series of activations will ignite your passion and motivation, strengthen your will, balance your auric and buddhic bodies, and give your interstellar protection. These are done as individual sessions and can be included in your Phase 1, Phase 2 or Phase 3 upgrade plans.