The Journey to “Know Thyself” Begins Here…

KNOW THYSELF. Know Your Life Purpose.

What is it you specifically are here to do in this life? The Ancient Mystery School Tradition has taught people for thousands of years how to find and actualize their individual Life Purpose. And it is this purpose that brings to our life the joy, fulfillment and passion we long for.

House of Healing is proud to offer Advanced Spiritual Training from the Modern Mystery School International. The Mystery School Tradition has long held the keys to Human Potential, keeping them in tact so that we can benefit from at this time of tremendous change–this time when we are shifting to a quantum consciousness.

The Path of Purpose is also called the Initiatory Path (or Path of Initiation). As such, it has many steps along the way that will activate, empower and enlighten your soul so that you are fully capable and ready to live your life purpose to the fullest.

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Step 1: Life Activation

(Additional Sessions, Classes & Programs* as desired)

Step 2: Empower Thyself Initiation

(Additional Sessions, Classes & Programs* as desired)

Step 3: Healers Academy/Know Thyself Initiation**

Step 4: Master Thyself – Guide Initiation**

* Offered at House of Healing Center of Light

** Only offered by International Modern Mystery School Teachers

Empowerment Packages & Programs