Do you find yourself struggling with anxiety or depression more now than ever before? Are the challenges of our current-day reality becoming unbearable to you? Don’t lose hope! The burdens you are carrying now may be exactly the keys that help bring the deeper freedom & peace of mind you have been seeking!

The ENLIVEN Program is a powerful 3 month program that will help you change from the inside out ~ giving you greater access to the YOU you have always wanted to be!

The ENLIVEN Program gives you a powerful combination of intuitive coaching, pattern shifting & high vibrational energy healing to help shift & uplift your state of mind!


Are you local to the Puget Sound region?

The In-Person ENLIVEN program offers a wealth of life-changing sessions, coaching & methods to open up a whole new outlook on life!


Do you live somewhere else in the world?

The Distance ENLIVEN program offers a powerful combination of energetic healing & coaching/re-patterning work to help you navigate into a whole new reality for yourself!