What people are saying about Vila

Maria F. – Santa Cruz, CA
Vila, the space you have offered me has been profound. The energy work that you do is truly unique. Thank you so much!
Not PicturedKaren S. – Seattle, WA
Don't let the bubbly persona fool you, Vila Loukas is one of the hardest working, dedicated and solid to the core individuals I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. The level of skill and expertise she employs in her coaching & energy work sessions as well as classes is AWESOME!
Rosemary B. – Seattle, WA
Vila has guided me through transition and spiritual growth for the past two years. I have made immense strides in healing myself, realizing, and actualizing my light and my paths - working with Vila has been an important key to all of that. After each session I come away feeling cared for, seen, soothed, and inspired. Through my collaborative and compassionate work with Vila, I have built an incorruptible foundation for myself on the inner landscape. If you are searching for something more or greater or deeper in your life, but aren't certain which road to take or that there is even a road ahead, trust me there is, she can help you see and trust, and to find your way forward. Thank you Vila!
Not PicturedSean R. – San Francisco, CA
Vila is a very special person. Intuitive, kind and not afraid to tell the truth. I cannot recommend her enough!
Mary M. – Everett, WA
I have been working with Vila Loukas since September 2015, and have been VERY satisfied with the results I have experienced from her sessions with me. Overall I have felt that a deeper connection to myself has been forged, which has enabled me to be able to become more aware of any negative patterns that keep reoccurring in my behavior towards myself and others. I now have a kind of  ‘space’ come up during these challenging periods -  of quiet thought and contemplation, to enact needed corrections. This is amazingly huge for me, as it has finally placed me on the path of self-realization that I have been searching for – for many, many years. I cannot thank her enough for this, and hope to continue working with her for many years to come.
Jesse B. – Berkeley, CA
Vila is remarkably gifted at having life direction altering conversations. Her depth of understanding, wisdom and compassion has completely altered the course of my life in the healthiest way consistently over years of relationship. I cannot more highly recommend Vila's work and her guidance through the transformational experience.

Life Activation

Not PicturedShannon K. – Austin, TX
Vila, I have to tell you, wonderful things in my life have begun happening since the Activation you performed for me last month. I am amazed at the transformation and healing that has begun. Thank you, what wonderful healing capabilities you possess.
Natalie S. – Tacoma, WA
A lot of changes in how I think and feel and how I do things since I received the Life Activation from Vila. I see things very differently now. And it's GOOD!
Raika L. – Issaquah, WA
The Life Activation really helped shift my negative thinking patterns & helped me avoid the 'slump' I get into when I think that way. When something came up that could have been a downer for me, I saw that I had the choice to look at it differently. I have known that this is possible of course, but actually DOING it before was quite a challenge. Now it's not!
Michael D. – Vashon, WA
Recently I received an activation treatment from Vila Loukas. The day after I participated in a community meeting. I literally felt the energy change in the room as I spoke (or more accurate - as wisdom spoke - through me). We were all - all of sudden - in alignment, on the same page, looking in the same direction. Afterwards people gathered around me and wanted to be a part of my future endeavor. I was astounded. The session with Vila brought clarity, alignment and renewed courage and strength. It was as if something that had already died was finally released. An activation treatment with Vila is highly recommendable, especially if you are ready to let go of what no longer serves you and transition into being who you truly are. In fact, I have just booked a session for my wife. It is the most valuable gift anyone can receive.

Emotional Cord Cuttings

Laura C. – Seattle, WA
I feel lighter. I feel a renewed sense of hope, here, in my heart. And it feels good!
Maria F. – Santa Cruz, CA
Wow! I feel *so* much lighter! That really cleared a lot of heavy energy that was hanging around me.
Edwin T. – Vashon, WA
Getting this cord cutting made it possible for me to clean up a business relationship where the communication had gotten pretty muddy. Within a week of the session, I was able to turn around a situation that I thought was doomed! Thank you!
Ned L. – Seattle, WA
I had a lot of yucky ancestral energy that needed to be dealt with and the cord cutting helped me heal old wounds and redirect dysfunctional family patterns.

Empower Thyself Initiation

Natalie S. – Tacoma, WA
I have had such a HUGE difference since the Empower Thyself initiation. I am a LOT less stressed out and WAY more happy! Not feeling so overwhelmed and I am able to get more done. Much more efficient! Things don't bother me so much either. People don't stress me out so much and I feel like I can make better choices for myself. I am not procrastinating as much either. And I am able to communicate with people better too. Especially around conflict. It's also been a lot easier to work on issue from the past. They just don't seem as important anymore. It was a really BIG SHIFT for me. Stuff has really come together!
Theo R. – Seattle, WA
Things have been pretty super awesome since my Empower Thyself initiation. Lots of synchronicities. Lots of opportunities to help people. I've made some great connections with people to move forward on creative projects I've been wanting to do for a long time. It's GREAT!
Not PicturedIlene G, Seattle
I would like to say a few words about the Empower Thyself Initiation into the Modern Mystery School, and Vila Loukas, the Guide who facilitated the Initiation. I am an empathic healer, and am building a business through which I will be offering teachings and healing of many different kinds. Vila suggested that this is a good point at which to take this Initiation, as it will increase my ability to make the best possible circumstances in which to do my life's work. Vila was so right! The two day process was revelatory in ways I am only just now, a month since, am sorting out. What I can tell you is that since the Initiation, the many years of study and work that I have done as a healer have been amplified by a factor of ten at least. My access to all the learning and experience has been synthesized, reordered, and made available to me in ways I had not considered prior to the Initiation. This process of the deepening of my access to Spirit has revolutionized my way of looking at my roles as a leader, healer, and teacher. I highly recommend the Initiation, and in particular, I recommend Vila Loukas as your Guide and facilitator. It's one of the best investments in myself I've ever made.

Full Spirit Activation

Christina B. – Seattle WA
I want to share my joy after doing my Cord Cutting and Full Spirit Activation with Vila I have felt different. It's been easier to focus on me and my needs and desires for what I want in my life and issues of insecurity about being single and alone are almost non-existent. I've been doing a lot of personal work over the last 2 yrs and I finally feel happy to simply be me and embrace this chapter in my life. I am loving life! I get to live in the city I've always dreamed of being able to do, I've got amazing family and friends who love and support me, I've found my spiritually, and the biggest excitement is that I'm embracing my strong independent side that I lost in my failed marriage. I love doing things alone, traveling, shopping, going to the theatre for a musical or play and now I can enjoy that again.

Physical Body/Space Alignment

Katrina D. – Vashon, WA
Wow. I really feel different. That was great! I know quite a few people who could benefit from this alignment!
Edwin T. – Vashon, WA
I often have difficulty getting focused & staying fully present in my physical body. The Space Alignment session really helped me get grounded & move toward achieving my goals!