Come learn fun & effective methods for activating your psychic senses.

We are all born with inherent spiritual gifts, but most of us are not trained in how to use these abilities. In this class, you will learn techniques to help you open your psychic abilities: clairvoyance (spiritual vision), clairaudience (spiritual hearing), and clairsentience (intuition and feeling).

This 3 hour class is fun and action-packed! Explore which areas are naturally strong for you and which are ready to awakened even further!

When theses abilities are developed you are able to more clearly communicate with the realm of spirit for guidance, teaching, healing, and growth. Join us & learn techniques to activate each of these gifts.

Regular Registration: $55

Late Registration: $65 (week of class)

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It has come to my attention that I don’t speak often enough about what exactly it is that I do. Yes, I am a Healer. Yes, I am a teacher. But more than that, I am a spiritual guide. What does that mean exactly? Well, to say it briefly, I help people get to know the…

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