House of Healing is happy to provide space clearing and enhancement services for your home or business. These services are highly specialized and extremely effective for shifting the energy of a space. More information about the options available are listed below. As every space is unique and every client has specific needs, the space clearing & enhancement services are all tailored to your individual requests & desires for your space.

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Whether it is your home or place of business, when the energy is not right, things do not flow as they should.  As a specialized practitioner, Vila is able to shift the energy of a space to allow old & unhelpful energy to move on, giving you a clear, clean space to create all that you are desiring. This is particularly helpful in times of transition such as the ending or beginning of relationships, living situations, businesses or partnerships.

Space clearing work varies in degree & intensity depending upon the history of a space. Vila works with multiple methods and approaches to ensure that whatever is needed gets done!

Please contact us for more information and to set up an in-person consultation.

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Crystal Grids are an incredible way to make your home or business into a place that literally shines! Using very specific Sacred Geometry grids that come through the ancient Mystery School lineage, Vila is able to elevate the vibratory frequency of your space to a very high degree and the crystals keep it there.

The Crystal Grids that Vila specializes in are designed to offer (1) greater protection (2) greater flow of light (3) greater alignment with the energies of manifestation and (4) greater peace & harmony

As every space is different, crystal grid work is tailored to your specific space & desires.  Contact us to get more information and to set up an in-person consultation to assess the needs of your space.

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Sacred Geometry has long been used to take the vibratory frequency of a space to a higher level. Whether it is for yourself in your home or for a special event, Vila is available to bring her highly specialized methods of space enhancement to create an exquisite energetic environment

Contact us to find out more about the various ways we can help you turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary space!

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