Join Our Mother -Daughter Circle

This circle is for:

  • Girls ages 6-13 (approximately)

  • Moms who are committed to creating a positive foundation for growth & development for their girls

  • Moms get a circle *just* for themselves to experience & explore their own connection to the goddess

  • Moms & Daughters get a FULL multi-media approach to understanding the goddess of the month through story, images, activities, conversation, direct connection, and art integration

  • Mom & Daughters have the flexibility to schedule their own Goddess Date for a time that works best for their own family

  • Moms get an additional follow-up circle with all the other moms to share their experiences & insights during their Goddess Dates with their daughters – this creates a rich layered environment where moms learn from & support one another

Included in the monthly enrollment is:

  1. A Full 7-Part “Goddess Date” Curriculum Outline

  2. Original Goddess Art to color together

  3. A slideshow presentation to experience together

  4. A 1.5 hour “Discovery Circle” web-call to introduce moms to the goddess of the month & give them a chance to *discover* their own connection with that goddess

  5. OPTIONAL: A 1.5 hour “Mama Meet” follow up web-call to give moms a chance to share with one another their insights, experiences & challenges during their mother-daughter Goddess Date