2 Options to Explore the Wealth of Wisdom from the Goddess

A Circle of Women Connecting to Goddess

For Women of All Ages & Stages of Life

  • Entire circle meets 1x per month as online web conference
  • Each participant has individual Goddess Date
  • Follow up conversation via online chat group

A Mother-Daughter Discovery Circle

For Girls Ages 6-13 & their Moms

  • Circle meets 2x per month as a web conference
  • Mom & daughters do individual Goddess Date together
  • Moms get pre & post Goddess Date circle time with other moms

Our Goddesses:

Demeter – Greek Goddess of the Harvest – Growth & Rebirth

Isis – Egyptian Goddess of Magick – Transformation

Durga – Hindu Warrior Goddess – Resourcefulness

Kuan Yin – East Asian Goddess of Compassion – Self Acceptance

Oshun – West African Goddess of Love & Beauty – Self Esteem

Freya – Norse Goddess of Power & Sensuality – Choice

Tara – Tibetan Goddess of Wisdom – Inner Peace

Danu – Celtic Mother Goddess – Diversity

Amaterasu – Japanese Sun Goddess – Inner Light



Each Month All Circle Members Receive a 7 Part Goddess Date Outline to Work with Individually – Taking their Connection to the Goddess of the Month Deeper

Goddess Date Outline Includes:

  • Specific themes and area of focus for each Goddess
  • The traditional story associated with each Goddess
  • A slide-show of goddess images showing a variety of ways the Goddess of the Month is depicted
  • Connection exercises to develop a direct interaction with the Goddess of the Month
  • Embodiment activities to take the teachings of the Goddess into practical application
  • An original illustration of the Goddess of the Month for meditative coloring