Sessions and Programs


The empowerment sessions work for people at any stage of life. Whether you are looking for a little boost in your capacity to deal with life’s challenges or a total upgrade for your energy system, the activations, alignments and clearings offered at House of Healing help you take your life to the next level!


What kind of healing are you seeking? With a broad range of healing methods and modalities, House of Healing has an important key to offer you in your journey of healing. Whether you are looking for physical, emotional or spiritual healing, House of Healing can help!


Whether you are seeking to understand your unique Life Purpose and your spiritual progression, or if you are looking for answers to questions about the past or future, House of Healing has readings that will help bring you the guidance, clarity and confidence you desire.


The work of healing & empowerment happens over time with continued persistence and diligence. In addition to single classes and individual sessions, House of Healing offers on-going packages and programs that give you the continuity and support you need to achieve the transformation you are seeking.


House of Healing is happy to be offering programs that meet the needs of people in various stages of life. From Kids Yoga to Goddess Circle for Girls to programs for mothers & families, there is something for everyone!


Classes and Training


The benefits of meditation are now be scientifically tested and celebrated everywhere! One hour of meditation can allow for a degree of nourishment that no other activity can!

House of Healing offers two distinct styles of meditation:

Max Meditation™ – Drop-in classes offered regularly

Sanctuary Method – Check the calendar for the next opportunity to receive training in this powerful method for connecting to your higher self.


“KNOW THYSELF” House of Healing Center of Light is proud to offer a first-step initiation into the Mystery School Tradition. The ancient mystery schools have long kept the keys to unlocking human potential safeguarded so that they are available to those who seek them. If you are ready for new levels of self-mastery and connection to your higher purpose, initiation into this incredible tradition of higher learning is for you!

AWAKEN THYSELF – An introduction to the Path of Initiation

EMPOWER THYSELF – Two-day class and Initiation


Sacred Geometry offers us a link between the realm of spirit and the physical plane. By activating the sacred geometries within ourselves, we can heighten our capacity to create & manifest. House of Healing is proud to offer training & activations that bring sacred geometry to life in your space, your body & your soul!

SACRED GEOMETRY 1 – Creating Sacred Space

SACRED GEOMETRY 2 – Crystal Magick

Sacred Geometry Space Enhancement Services


As a provider of Modern Mystery School classes & programs, House of Healing is excited to offer Advanced Spiritual Training. Whether it is opening your psychic senses, learning to communicate more clearly with angelic beings, or mastering the process of astral travel, we have classes to take your skills to the next level.

SPIRITUAL INTUITION – Open your psychic senses

ASTRAL TRAVEL – Learn a safe & effective method for astral travel

JOURNEYS OF THE SPIRIT – An advanced day of journey work