Archangel Michael’s Interstellar Tube of Light
This session is a multi-dimensional experience that opens a whole new dimension of your being. Sacred geometric energy is infused into the chakras to further open them and begin the process of Enlightenment, also known as the awakening of the Buddhic body. This brings you to a state of clarity and quiet mind, allowing your mind to become a mirror image of the actions of your heart, which allows you to see through the illusions of the issues you are dealing with.

You are moved into Archangel Michael’s Interstellar Light Tube, where he will infuse you with light direct from Source, heal what needs healing, and return you to alignment with your original creation. This strong and powerful process creates a Protective Energy Field around the physical body, which shields you from all intergalactic interference and negative energy.

With this activation you become aware of living your physical life from a higher dimensional level. It liberates you from attachments or heavy energies that weigh you down, even if you are not aware of them. As a result, you will become emotionally clear, have increased energy, be more connected, and experience more joy.