The Life Activation is a truly remarkable first step on the path of greater self empowerment. To keep building upon this foundation, some follow up work is recommended…

Recommended Next Steps – for greater empowerment and momentum toward Life Work

Full Spirit Activation

This session can be done one month to six months post Life Activation.

As the Life Activation gets you more aligned vertically in your connection to spirit, the Full Spirit Activation awakens your soul. By connecting and activating the 10 regions of the brain with the chakra system, more immediate & accurate information can move between your physical, soul & spirit bodies. MORE

Personal Clearing

This session can be done at same time or anytime after the Life Activation–sooner rather than later is best.

Receiving a negative energy clearing, cord cutting & aura purification can greatly benefit the effectiveness of the Life Activation giving you a “clean slate” to work with energetically MORE

Empower Thyself Initiation

This class can be done one week to one year after Life Activation.

If living a meaningful and impactful life is what you are seeking, then this initiation is for you! This first-step initiation puts you firmly on the path of Self Mastery and gives you tremendous tools, support & empowerment along the way. MORE

Life Purpose Reading

This reading can be done one month to one year after the Life Activation.

Do you know there are specific things you are here to do, but find those things ellusive? This in-depth reading of the DNA can help bring clarity and direction to both where you come from and where you are going in this life. MORE


You may also find as a result of the Life Activation that there are areas of your life that need to be tended to perhaps with specific healing work. If so, there are some modalities that can be particularly helpful…

Ensofic Ray Healing Series

This healing series can be done as soon as desired after the Life Activation.

The Ray of EnSof is the original ray of creation, as EnSof is the source of all things. This incredible healing series works simultaneously on healing needed at the spirit, soul & physical levels. As we are multi-dimensional beings, this healing series can address multiple arenas at the same time, and is therefore highly effective & efficient. MORE

Isis Healing

This healing session can be done as soon as desired after the Life Activation.

A beautiful and rejuvenating healing session that supports the emotional body in a truly unique and powerful way. MORE

Soul Retrieval

This session can be done as soon as desired after the Life Activation.

A highly beneficial session that reunites aspects of the soul that have broken off due to life challenges along the way. MORE