Pattern Shifting Package

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Bring the freedom & expansion you are seeking to a specific area of your life! In a 4-part series of intuitive coaching sessions, Vila will help you map out the root causes & expression of the pattern you are stuck in. Drawing upon years of experience with Universal Kabbalah, high level energy work, and deep intuitive practice, Vila offers insight & efficient problem solving to help you get to the other side of the challenge you are facing.

After completion of initial intake, this package include four (4) 1.25 hours coaching sessions done via online video conference over a period of 6 weeks.


This package is for people who have already been working on themselves through mindfulness, awareness, positive affirmations, and/or traditional therapy and are needing additional support/insight into patterns they have not been able to break free from up to now.
Drawing upon years of experience with Universal Kabbalah, high level energy work, and deep intuitive practice, Vila offers insight & efficient problem solving to help you get to the other side of the challenge you are facing.
All that is needed is a desire to truly progress, a willingness to move beyond your comfort zone, and a clear intention for what kind of outcome you are seeking.

Through the Pattern Shifting work with Vila you will gain the following:
• A clear understanding and map of the underlying patterns at work in this area of your life
• A plan of action to shift them, allowing you to move into the experience you desire
(NOTE: Throughout the coaching process, Vila will be making recommendations for action steps to take that may include additional types of sessions, classes, skill-building or practices. It is up to the individual client to bring about the desired results of breakthrough by following these recommendations in the timeframes given)


INTAKE: Identifying specific areas to work on, describing historical work to date, clarifying goals & desires for where you want to get to, relating any insights previously gained on this topic.
This is all done via correspondence ahead of the first session through email and video messaging.

Session 1
– Clarifying goals – distilling to the essence of what is truly desired
– Mapping part 1 – Identifying major patterns at play – getting a picture of how many patterns are intertwined and the depth levels of each
– Physical body references – identifying where in the physical body these patterns are predominantly held
– Belief patterns connected to what is at play
• HOMEWORK – internal/external research on the patterns at play–gathering additional data from past/present – paying attention to physical body’s expression of patterns at play

Session 2 (ONE WEEK LATER)
– Mapping part 2 – going deeper – confirming work from previous session – expanding understanding & viewpoint of patterns at play
– Core issue / Coping strategy identification – tracing the patterns back to the “secret underbelly” of what does not want to be revealed or faced
– Physical body reference follow up
– Emotional release work – addressing the emotional attachments and/or wounding associated with the patterns at play
– Belief Reframe – claiming a new framework with which to view this issue/pattern
• HOMEWORK – Physical / Emotional clearing work needed – practice implementing the reframed belief

– Check-in / report from homework – new insights, stumbling blocks, report on observations of core issue / coping strategies
– Revisiting pieces from Session 2: Emotional state/triggers, physical body, belief structures
– Report on living in the reframe
– Identifying additional areas to be worked on –honing in on problem spots
– Creating a specific action plan for implementing reframed beliefs / intentions
– HOMEWORK: Practice living from new platform – work with strategies & practices to address emotional/physical challenge areas. Continue to observe beliefs / mental conversation around the topic at hand

– Check-in/report from homework – “success” rate at living from new platform/belief/intention
– Identifying areas of continued challenge or obstacle
– Review practices / approaches that worked well
– Create action plan for going forward into life from here—with specific steps and methods to address each area of challenge
– Create cohesive belief statement that can be used for encouragement, empowerment and affirmation throughout daily life


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