What is Personal Growth?

Do you know what is it you are learning right now? In your life? The current life lesson you are working on? No matter who you are or what phase of life you are in, you are learning something. About life. About yourself. About the nature of relationships. About the truth of human existence. The thing is, we are humans. That means we are always in the process of learning, growing or developing. That is how we are designed!

Interestingly enough, there is a common belief out there, that as humans, once we reach a certain age (often assumed to be somewhere in our mid 30’s to mid 40’s) we are “supposed to” have “arrived” somehow….. Like we are done developing. We are fully developed adults who will happily & peacefully live out the rest of our lives. Except we don’t. Not at all. Which is great! Because we are DESIGNED to keep on changing, learning, and growing throughout our ENTIRE lives!

images (2)Stepping back just a bit, this is not too hard to see.  We come in to this life as tiny, helpless infants. We require YEARS & YEARS to learn the basics of movement, communication, & self-preservation.  We require help in this process. We do not show up fully equipped. We show up with the built-in programming to GET the training we need. We are hard-wired for learning & development.

So why then, would we all of sudden, stop learning & growing? We don’t. It just begins to look different. It deepens. It becomes less about things and more about circumstances. It becomes less about survival and more about thriving. It becomes less about what I can acquire and more about what I can give.

In other words, we begin to focus more on our spiritual growth & development.  We realize there is SO MUCH MORE to life than the things that once seemed so vitally important. We step onto the path of our spiritual growth.

We can do this in one of two ways: (1) the “easy way”–by seeing, on our own,  the deeper meaning, value & connection in situations & circumstances in our lives (2) the “hard way”–having our comfort zone blown away by loss, illness or crisis, forcing us to dive deeper.

More and more people are stepping up to the first option! Hooray!

Some hallmarks of someone who has stepped on to the path of personal growth & development include:

  • Embracing new situations & challenges
  • Being willing to shift & change
  • A desire to improve yourself whenever possible
  • Seeing life circumstances as opportunities to learn & grow
  • Keeping an open mind & open heart
  • Understanding the value of life experience
  • Aspiring to wisdom
  • Enjoying the notion of progress

Whether you are currently walking the path or have just begun to explore the idea of it, House of Healing Center of Light has tools, teachings & techniques that can help!!  Personal growth is our specialty. And a major key in this is connecting to WHAT YOU WANT. This can lead you to the growth you are ready for.

  • Are you looking for a new work situation?
  • Are you ready for a change in a major relationship in your life?
  • Are you experiencing on-going depression or anxiety?
  • Do you have a sense of there being “something more” but you just can’t quite grasp it?

7gk_Woman-in-the-sunThese are all situations that we welcome and really great places to start with your own personal growth & development.  And we would love to help!

Take a look around. Check out our GETTING STARTED PAGE or set up a free phone CONSULTATION or SEND US AN EMAIL to raise the anchor that has been holding you back.

The journey to your greatness awaits!