Life Activation – This is where it all begins….!


Whether you are looking for personal empowerment, physical or emotional healing, or spiritual development, Life Activation is the place to start. This one-of-a-kind session gives you greater access to all that you have within you.  Whatever it is you are seeking to do or achieve, be it a change in your inner reality or your outer experience, in your professional life, relationships, family or health, the Life Activation will help get you there!

The Life Activation is especially helpful for those who are in transition of some sort or those who are ready for a change in their lives.  Coming forward to receive the Life Activation will open a new world of possibilities for you!

A powerful light-infusion session that literally “turns on” dormant DNA information, giving you a boost of energy, inspiration, motivation, and direction toward what you want to create in your life–and ultimately a deeper connection to your Life Purpose. Activation brings you into greater alignment with your intentions & desires, giving you more access to your own strength & power for manifestation.

1.5 hours, $275

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Not PicturedShannon K. – Austin, TX
Vila, I have to tell you, wonderful things in my life have begun happening since the Activation you performed for me last month. I am amazed at the transformation and healing that has begun. Thank you, what wonderful healing capabilities you possess.
Natalie S. – Tacoma, WA
A lot of changes in how I think and feel and how I do things since I received the Life Activation from Vila. I see things very differently now. And it's GOOD!
Raika L. – Issaquah, WA
The Life Activation really helped shift my negative thinking patterns & helped me avoid the 'slump' I get into when I think that way. When something came up that could have been a downer for me, I saw that I had the choice to look at it differently. I have known that this is possible of course, but actually DOING it before was quite a challenge. Now it's not!
Michael D. – Vashon, WA
Recently I received an activation treatment from Vila Loukas. The day after I participated in a community meeting. I literally felt the energy change in the room as I spoke (or more accurate - as wisdom spoke - through me). We were all - all of sudden - in alignment, on the same page, looking in the same direction. Afterwards people gathered around me and wanted to be a part of my future endeavor. I was astounded. The session with Vila brought clarity, alignment and renewed courage and strength. It was as if something that had already died was finally released. An activation treatment with Vila is highly recommendable, especially if you are ready to let go of what no longer serves you and transition into being who you truly are. In fact, I have just booked a session for my wife. It is the most valuable gift anyone can receive.