King Solomon’s Healing Modality or KSHM is a series of 10 healing sessions, which facilitate profound healing and balancing of the Body, Mind and Soul. Each session includes scanning of the Sacred Petals, Holy washing & anointing, the Healing itself, the Life Activation and an Emotional Cord Cutting. The Life/DNA Activation originated in this series of healing. Once you have received the Life Activation, please consider giving yourself the entire series of healings. They include:

Starseed Healing –  The purpose of this healing is to totally energetically cleanse the system, including the chakras and layers of energy on the body. It redirects otherwise lost vibrations on the body by correcting the vibrational state of the body. It cleans out the “mind clutter”. It connects you in a Galactic way to all living things. Wonderfully cleansing and balancing, this healing is very calming and is especially helpful if you have been doing a lot of emotional release work.

Unified Chakra Awakening – Unifies and awakens a whole new chakra system of 2,418 chakras. The nervous system wakes up. As a result of this work, you will experience an increase in spiritual awakening and sensitivity of 30% (maximum) if you have not had a Life/DNA Activation or a Galactic Activation; 60% to 65% if you have had either the Life/DNA Activation or the Galactic Activation; 80% to 100% if you have had BOTH the Life/DNA Activation and the Galactic Activation.

The Tree of Life Healing – The 10 spheres in the Tree of Life that represent the 10 different aspects of God, such as wisdom, understanding, mercy, severity, and beauty, are illuminated, balanced, and healed using a Tibetan bell.

The Seal of Solomon Healing – The 12 Rays which are symbolized by 12 stones, and accompanying imagery are emblazoned into the client with the extremely potent energy of the Seal of Solomon. The process heals the seven directions and the 12 sections of the physical body. This was THE healing King Solomon used to heal his enemy’s son.

Tone Healing – A number of the 72 sacred names of God are toned into the very core of the client’s being, healing the energy of their chakra system and aligning the inner and outer being with the vibrations of the Universe.

Aura Healing – Black spots from the seven layers of the client’s aura are removed, healing the central core, the life force, the third eye, the five senses, the nervous system, the physical system, and the meridian lines.

Exorcism Healing – A profoundly sacred healing that deals with the seven principles of life and clears the human of all evil forces with Purification by Light.

Etheric Body Healing – : The client’s seven bodies are healed – the infant body, the child body, the teenage body, the soul body, the emotional body, the senses body, and the etheric body.

Mental Body Healing – Dealing with the human mind, 13 different aromas are utilized to awaken the brain, enhance corresponding brain regions, and bring peace of mind.
During this session, the KSHM Practitioner repeats certain healings the client needs re-enforced based on the results of the results found in the ongoing scanning.

Pre-requisite: Life Activation

2.0 hours per session;

When pre-purchased as a 10 part series: $250 per session

Pay as you go: $295 per session

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