Experience the beauty and power of the original system of Reiki!

Physical Healing Sessions:

Reiki stimulates the physical body’s own capacity to recover from injury, heal & regenerate tissues. Stress reduction, pain relief & increased circulation are just a few of the physical benefits of Reiki.

(1.25 hours; $175)

Emotional Healing Sessions:

Brining in the pure light of creation, this style of Reiki works directly with resolving emotions challenges, soothing, comforting & relieving emotional pain.

(1.25 hours; $175)

Distance Physical or Emotional Healing Sessions:

Ensofic Reiki can also be given via distance for either physical or emotional healing. This sessions are particularly beneficial for those who are recovering for mobility impairing injuries or illnesses. Receive Ensofic Reiki in the comfort of your own home!

(1.0 hours $155)


For best results, multiple sessions are recommended. Packages of 4 or 10 sessions are available. Sessions can be done in person or at a distance.

  • 4 Session In-Person Package – $595
  • 4 Session Distance Session Package – $495
  • 10 Session Package – $995

4 Session Reiki Package