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Ancient Mystery School Methods & Teaching

Whether the healing you need is physical, emotional or spiritual, to bring you back to a place of balance and strength, House of Healing has modalities & methods that work like magick!

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A Complete System

Discover a Tried-and-True System

Upgrades to anything–computer, kitchen, car–require work in several areas at the same time for full effectiveness. This is true for upgrade to YOU too! The Modern Mystery School system works all at once.

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Map our your individualized plan

Work with Vila to map out a step-by-step plan for upgrading your life. Bringing you greater fulfillment in health, relationships, career, Life Purpose and more!

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The easiest way to to get to know us and this tradition is to come to one of our many events, have an experience of what we offer, and introduce yourself.

2.Book a Life Activation

Everyone’s path with the Modern Mystery School begins with a Life Activation, a one-on-one session that balances your energy systems and aligns you with your higher purpose.

3. Book a Consultation

If you have questions that would like to get answered before getting started, you are welcome to schedule a one-on-one conversation in person or by phone at your convenience.

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Maria F. – Santa Cruz, CA
Vila, the space you have offered me has been profound. The energy work that you do is truly unique. Thank you so much!
Natalie S. – Tacoma, WA
A lot of changes in how I think and feel and how I do things since I received the Life Activation from Vila. I see things very differently now. And it's GOOD!
Laura C. – Seattle, WA
I feel lighter. I feel a renewed sense of hope, here, in my heart. And it feels good!
Edwin T. – Vashon, WA
Getting this cord cutting made it possible for me to clean up a business relationship where the communication had gotten pretty muddy. Within a week of the session, I was able to turn around a situation that I thought was doomed! Thank you!
Katrina D. – Vashon, WA
Wow. I really feel different. That was great! I know quite a few people who could benefit from this alignment!
Theo R. – Seattle, WA
Things have been pretty super awesome since my Empower Thyself initiation. Lots of synchronicities. Lots of opportunities to help people. I've made some great connections with people to move forward on creative projects I've been wanting to do for a long time. It's GREAT!