Healing for Body, Soul & Spirit

Whether you find yourself needing physical, emotional or spiritual healing, House of Healing can help!

As this is our specialty, it is great joy to get to support you through your healing journey. Drawing upon a broad array of healing methods & modalities, we tailor your treatment program to your specific healing needs.

It is true, that all healing is self-healing and so, the Path to Healing always begins with….


The Life Activation is a powerful light infusion session, that wakes up dormant DNA information giving you more access to you! As you begin any new phase or awakening, growth or healing, the Life Activation is the place to start!

From here, the Path of Healing can include the following…


House of Healing offers a wide variety of very powerful specialty healings that come through the Ancient Mystery School Tradition. Each of these healings works on a very specific aspect of the self, and can bring about amazing results through a super-high vibrational energetic protocol.

Combined with Clearing work & Empowerment sessions & activations, these specialty healings will change your life!

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Ensofic Ray Healing
  • Spark of Life Distance Healing
  • Isis Healing
  • Egyptian 7-Layer Aura Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Laser Light Healing
  • Cherubim Healing
  • Laying on of Hands
  • Bloodline Healing
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Reiki has fast become a sought-after means of supporting people through illness and injury. By tapping in and calling forth the universal healing energy referred to as “reiki,” this modality is both gentle and effective for both physical and emotional healing.

What sets Jikiden Reiki apart from other approaches to reiki, is that it has the  purest and most direct access point to flow this universal healing energy. If you have not yet experienced the beauty and healing love that comes through Jikiden Reiki, the time to book your session is now!

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The most effective way to achieve the healing you are seeking is to immerse yourself in it fully. At House of Healing, we understand that true healing often requires significant time and attention. In this modern world we will in, the focus has been on “medicating” ourselves instead of truly healing. House of Healing offers you the space and expertise to go as far and as deep as needed to restore the wholeness you are seeking.

In order to get you where you want to go, House of Healing offers two packages to support you in your journey of healing

  • Healing Package #1 – 5 sessions – tailored
  • Healing Package #2 – 10 sessions – tailored
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