The Full Spirit Activation takes the work of activating your consciousness to the next level! By connecting the 10 regions of the brain directly into the chakra system, the Full Spirit Activation brings the soul & spirit into alignment allowing for greater perception, functionality & healing capacities.

This activation brings the physiological systems that are designed to function as a spiritual interface into fuller functionality. This includes the neurological system–the brain & nervous system–and the endocrine system–specifically the Pineal gland, Thalmus gland and Pituitary gland. As these physiological aspects start functioning as they were designed, it becomes much easier to live as the spiritual beings we are.

Pre-requisite: Life Activation

1.5 hours, $245

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Christina B. – Seattle WA
I want to share my joy after doing my Cord Cutting and Full Spirit Activation with Vila I have felt different. It's been easier to focus on me and my needs and desires for what I want in my life and issues of insecurity about being single and alone are almost non-existent. I've been doing a lot of personal work over the last 2 yrs and I finally feel happy to simply be me and embrace this chapter in my life. I am loving life! I get to live in the city I've always dreamed of being able to do, I've got amazing family and friends who love and support me, I've found my spiritually, and the biggest excitement is that I'm embracing my strong independent side that I lost in my failed marriage. I love doing things alone, traveling, shopping, going to the theatre for a musical or play and now I can enjoy that again.