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Join Our Sisterhood of the Goddess! An ONLINE Discovery Circle for women of all ages & stages ~

Each month, discover what goddesses from around the world have to teach us about • Connection • Empowerment • Self Expression and • MORE

OCTOBER – DISCOVER ISIS – The Ancient Egyptian Queen & Mother Goddess Isis sends us a clear signal about upgrading our sense of self-worth and with that our self respect and self care. She sets an amazing example for us of a true queen–showing us how to lead with grace & beauty. She demonstrates tremendous vision & understanding both in her role as a ruler and a wife and then ultimately a mother–using her skills in magick & alchemy–bringing about true transformation and the necessary change for the better! From Isis we learn about:

• Embracing your inner queen –the strength that comes with grace & beauty

• Alchemy –turning your lead to gold! Our biggest obstacles become our greatest gifts!

• Perseverance — never giving up despite how difficult the path ahead may seem

Isis is the first of 9 goddesses we will be exploring throughout the year in our Sisterhood of the Goddess. Others include:
– Durga – Hindu Warrior Goddess
– Demeter – Greek Mother Goddess of the Harvest
– Freya – Norse Goddess of Power & Sensuality
– Tara – Tibetan Goddess of Wisdom & Balance
– Oshun – West African River Goddess of Love & Beauty
– Danu – Celtic Mother Goddess & Queen of the Fairies
– Kuan Yin – East Asian Goddess of Compassion
– Amaterasu – Japanese Goddess of the Sun

These goddess have existed for thousands of years and have much to teach us! We will get to know each of these goddesses through art, games, stories & activities. By learning about goddesses from around the world we get the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and to use their stories to learn confidence, strength, personal power and joy!

To become a MEMBER of our Sisterhood, please enroll online for the Fall here: https://www.hohcenteroflight.net/sisterhood-women-enrollment/

To try out our Discovery Circle as a “Drop -in”,  purchase a ticket via EventBrite here.

THIS IS AN ONLINE EVENT. Upon registration, you will be sent a link for the online video conference at the scheduled date & time


October 22, 2017
10:00 am - 11:30 am
$30 – $145
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Vila Loukas
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