b29c687d917daa4ffb39e4529de64a74You are invited to embark upon an Incredible Journey…

A first step initiation into the Ancient Mystery School Tradition of “Know Thyself.”

  • Do you seek greater levels of self mastery?
  • Are you desiring to make your unique life purpose a reality?
  • Do you sense that there is more to life than we in the modern age are currently living?
  • Are you called to help people better themselves & their lives?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “yes,” then we invite you to consider stepping forward to claim this greater level of empowerment in order to make a bigger impact for the benefit of yourself & the world around you!

Initiation is an essential key for fulfilling your life purpose, manifesting your greater potential, and harnessing your innate gifts. Now, with the tools handed down through this ancient lineage, the path to transforming your life while enriching the lives of others is available to you, should you choose to ask for it.

Through this initiation, you will:

  • Align more fully with the Universal flow of creativity & joy
  • Learn techniques for physical & spiritual empowerment
  • Expand your capacity to manifest & flow energy
  • Gain ten times the power and energy to do your work & service in the world
  • Receive greater enlightenment to breakthrough patterns that have stopped you in the past
  • Gain greater spiritual protection as you move through your life
    And much MORE!

The teachings given for this initiation create a pattern of living that will empower you to master yourself and create change in the world. In this class, you will explore ancient mystery school teachings on many topics. The focus in on knowing yourself in relationship to the world around you.

Entering the Mysteries is a challenging and rewarding path that will ultimately increase the quality of your life and empower you to be consciously at cause in this world. In order to reach your highest potential and to reach goals you have never reached before, you must do thing you have never done before!

It is an honor to be able to offer you this two day advanced spiritual training–initiation & entry into the greatest mystery of all…. You!Leap-of-faith

If you strongly feel called to take this step of empowerment and money is a concern, please call us to discuss payment options.


Program Investment: $895 – A deposit of $350 is due upon registration to reserve your seat

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  • Natalie S. – Tacoma, WA
    I have had such a HUGE difference since the Empower Thyself initiation. I am a LOT less stressed out and WAY more happy! Not feeling so overwhelmed and I am able to get more done. Much more efficient! Things don't bother me so much either. People don't stress me out so much and I feel like I can make better choices for myself. I am not procrastinating as much either. And I am able to communicate with people better too. Especially around conflict. It's also been a lot easier to work on issue from the past. They just don't seem as important anymore. It was a really BIG SHIFT for me. Stuff has really come together!
  • Theo R. – Seattle, WA
    Things have been pretty super awesome since my Empower Thyself initiation. Lots of synchronicities. Lots of opportunities to help people. I've made some great connections with people to move forward on creative projects I've been wanting to do for a long time. It's GREAT!