SJ-LightjumperAs human beings we are constantly navigating the energies around us. Our emotions are powerful, and sometimes we run the risk of getting stuck in negative patterns of interaction where we “take on” the emotional energy of others. This incredible session clears away the emotional cords & negative energies giving you a totally fresh & clean platform from which to create healthy connections with conscious awareness.

The Personal Clearing session combines a negative energy removal process, an emotional cord cutting process & an aura purification process. This power-packed trio liberates you from any negativity that has been lodged in your energy field, leaving you free & clear to create the life you are seeking.

1 hour, $195
Pre-requisite: Life Activation – Personal Clearing can be performed at same time or after a Life Activation Session

Life Activation

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Laura C. – Seattle, WA
I feel lighter. I feel a renewed sense of hope, here, in my heart. And it feels good!
Maria F. – Santa Cruz, CA
Wow! I feel *so* much lighter! That really cleared a lot of heavy energy that was hanging around me.
Edwin T. – Vashon, WA
Getting this cord cutting made it possible for me to clean up a business relationship where the communication had gotten pretty muddy. Within a week of the session, I was able to turn around a situation that I thought was doomed! Thank you!
Ned L. – Seattle, WA
I had a lot of yucky ancestral energy that needed to be dealt with and the cord cutting helped me heal old wounds and redirect dysfunctional family patterns.