Awaken Thyself


4 hour Introduction to the Path of Initiation

For: People who are interested in exploring the Mystery School Tradition, learning the Sanctuary Meditation method, and knowing more about the process of initiation.


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Empower Thyself


2 Day Class + Initiation

For: People who have received Life Activation and are READY to move to the next level of empowerment in their lives.


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Sacred Geometry 1


4.5 hour class introducing the basics of Sacred Geometry

For: Anyone interested in methods to raise the vibration of a space, creating sacred space, or learning about Sacred Geometry.


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Sanctuary Meditation

3 hour class that teaches the Sanctuary Method.

For: Anyone interested in receiving guidance from their higher self with an effective and user-friendly method.


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Astral Travel

5 hour class teaching a direct & safe method for Astral Travel

For: Anyone interested in learning how to astral travel. Recommended to have some background in meditation, have take Sacred Geometry I and have received Life Activation.


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Journeys of the Spirit

Full day class using the Sanctuary Method as a powerful foundation for journey work.

For: Those who have received a Life Activation and are seeking deeper connection to themselves and their specific gifts. Recommended to have taken Sacred Geometry I and Astral Travel class.


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7 Mystery Schools


2.5 hour class introducing to the 7 Mystery schools

For: Everyone. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the ancient Mystery School Tradition and spiritual training from around the world


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Max Meditation System ™

Social Media

1.5 hour meditation class

For: Everyone. Beginner to advanced meditators alike. Come experience the multitude of benefits of meditation for yourself!

$15 drop-in

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Spiritual Intuition


3 hour class to help open your psychic senses.

For: Anyone interested in cultivating their clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience.


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Spiritual Alchemy


3 hour class introducing the 7 stages of the transformation process.

For: Anyone interested in the art & science of alchemy and personal transformation.


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