Vila works with people from all walks of life doing individual sessions as well as teaching classes & workshops. She is committed to helping those who are READY for personal growth to claim their own Self Empowerment and create the life of joy that they desire! She lives and works in the Greater Seattle area.

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Who We Are

House of Healing Center of Light is owned and operated by Vila Loukas–a healer and Life Purpose Guide. House of Healing offers many ways to engage with your own capacity for growth, development and healing. We are proud to offer core methods & sessions that come from the Modern Mystery School International core curriculum programs. The unique energy signature that comes from an authentic Mystery School tradition (an unbroken lineage from teacher to student for over 3000 years) allows for tremendous shifts to happen in short periods of time. Hence, the methods used at HoH are very powerful & highly effective for helping people transform their lives!

What We Do

House of Healing is committed to bringing the highest quality care and attention to support you on your journey of healing & empowerment.  We provide high level services to help raise the vibration of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This is done both through individual session work as well as programs & classes. At House of Healing we both guide and empower you to take the steps necessary to ensure your own growth & healing. There are a wealth of options for what you can do and experience at House of Healing. We invite you to explore and partake of whichever elements are calling to you!

A great place to start is by attending a class or program and/or scheduling a free consultation to determine if House of Healing is a good fit for you.

Our Mission

The mission of House of Healing Center of Light is to bring greater peace to our planet! We do this by helping individual people heal themselves & empowering them to live their lives to the fullest. As more and more of us find a deeper connection to our own unique Life Purpose, and start living it, the more joy, love & peace we each can bring. Imagine a world where every individual is empowered to live the authentic truth of who they are! This is what we are working toward at HoH.

Whether someone comes to us with a grand vision and a push toward changing the world, or with a series of physical challenges (and anywhere in between) we work with each individual to determine the step-by-step process required to get on track with Life Purpose, opening up the joy, love & peace that comes with it.


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We are located very close to Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, WA.  House of Healing is on a residential street with easy access from Highway 99, Interstate 405 and Interstate 5.

Directions from I-5 North
Exit onto 44th Ave in Lynnwood. Turn Left at the light coming off the exit ramp. Continue north past 196th. Turn right onto 189th Pl SW.

Directions from I-5 South
Exit onto 196th in Lynnwood to head west. The exit will automatically put you onto 196th. Continue heading west to 44th Ave and turn right. Go north several blocks and turn right onto 189th Pl SW.