With all that is going on in the world right now, following your own INNER COMPASS has never been more important. Outside, the storm is raging. Emotions are flying. Opinions are raging. Uncertainty is everywhere. While there is not much we can do about all that is going on “out there,” being able to HEAR, ACKNOWLEDGE, TRUST and FOLLOW your own intuition could prove to be the difference between staying on track with health & well-being, and falling in to greater anxiety, discouragement and challenge. Taking our cues from the external environment is just no longer viable. It is toxic. We must tune in to our own inner knowing, our inner sense of what is RIGHT FOR US—from the inside out!

But how do we do that in the midst of all the tumultuousness out there in the world? How do we actually hear, acknowledge, trust and follow our intuition at times like these???

Well, to be able to actually FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION in the midst of chaos, you must first have a relationship with your intuition. Then, you must develop the skill of recognizing your intuition and exercising the will power to follow it—even if it seems crazy. This might sound like a tall order. AND, it also might prove to be downright essential in the times to come.

So, here are some steps to follow to (1) Establish a Relationship with Your Intuition and (2) Recognize & Follow Your Intuition No Matter What.

PART 1 – Establish a Relationship with Your Intuition

In order to get your intuition fully “online” when it comes to being able to hear, trust & follow it in the heat of the moment out there in the world, you must first HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP with your intuition. To establish this relationship, here are some key steps:

#1 Declare yourself an ally. One of our biggest challenges as humans is that we are constantly fighting ourselves. This does us a great disservice when it comes to intuition. Decide, accept and acknowledge that YOU really do know what is best for yourself. Let go of second-guessing, doubting and waiting for someone else’s approval. Stand tall and claim yourself as chief advisor for all your internal affairs.

#2 Hold council. Once you have decided you DO know what is important for yourself, start listening. Set aside some time, and have a full-on conversation with yourself. Identify chief concerns and then ask yourself what are the biggest priorities and how best to achieve them. To begin with, it is good to “exaggerate” this process. That way, you make a very clear statement, that what your intuition has to say is important.

#3 Take Notes. As you get the answers & guidance that are coming through, capture it in writing. This does a couple of things: it helps you know that what you have heard from your intuition is valuable. Also, it allows you to refer back to information as you apply it down the road and to determine how & what is working for you.

After you have done these three things, you are ready to go to the next step of putting your intuition into action out there in the world!

PART 2 – Recognize & Follow Your Intuition No Matter What – (MAKE YOUR INTUITION WORK FOR YOU)

Once you have established that you & your intuition are partners in your own success & well-being, you are ready to get to work! In order to be able to access your intuition in the moment regardless of what is going on, here are some important tips:

#1 Learn to trust. It is important to remember that intuition is not logical. That is the point. Logic follows a specific line of reasoning and is a mental activity. Intuition is not about reason, nor is it a mental process. It comes more from the heart and from the gut, and therefore your “logical mind” will likely object. You must learn to trust those gut reactions anyway. You must learn to trust the knowing in your heart. This takes practice, but once you get good at it, it will become as natural as breathing!

#2 Learn to quiet your mind. As stated above, your mind is likely to object to anything that does not seem “reasonable” or “logical.” To continue to follow this line of thinking & action is to stay “boxed in.” Learning to quiet the mind through meditation, breathing techniques, and physical activity is very important for giving your intuition the “air time” it needs to be heard. Otherwise, it will be constantly overridden when it comes to making choices in the moment. This too, will take some practice and may at times feel like a tug of war. Exercising your personal will-power to override the mind is a necessary skill for following the intuition.

#3 Learn to calm your emotions. To be able to truly hear, trust & follow your intuition, it is important that your emotional state is somewhat balanced & calm. Notice I said somewhat balanced & calm. To say you must be completely balanced & calm is unrealistic and also probably irrelevant. If you were completely balanced & calm, there would not be an urgent need to be listening to your intuition. So, in the heat of the moment, it is crucial to have ways that work for you to calm the fear, the anger or the anxiety so that your intuition has the “space” it needs to come through and be felt, sensed and heard. Again, breathing techniques and physical activity can be very helpful as well as journaling or moving energy through sound. Find what works for you and have it ready for whenever you need it!

With all of these steps under your belt, you will be well on your way to a solid and reliable connection to your intuition that will give you that guidance leading you to what no one and nothing outside of yourself could identify for you!

Happy intuiting!

For those interested in more, check out my upcoming class: Cultivating Your Spiritual Intuition—Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Clairsentience.

And if you find that any of the above proves a particular challenge, please get in touch. There are lots of tools & techniques to help with all of it!

~ Vila

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