“Pulled in so many directions” “So much to do” “Not enough time” It’s not easy to decide what makes it on and off the holiday ‘must do’ list, YET this choice can prove CRUCIAL in the battle for peace of mind, health, and sanity at this time of year… Winter is naturally a time to slow down, to rest, to rejuvenate. Somehow, in our modern culture, we do the opposite. We speed up. We add more. We keep busy. This takes a significant toll on our physical, emotional and mental health, as we draw heavily upon our internal resources. With just a SLIGHT shift in our mentality at this time of year, we can shift the balance on this battleground for our internal resources– bringing us the victory of greater health & well-being–for ourselves, AND for those we love.

Whether we like it or not, our internal resources–our energy, our drive, our motivation, our passion, our focus, our attention are limited–SPECIFICALLY at this time of year. It’s winter! All we have to do is look around to see that this is the part of the cycle when living things naturally go dormant. When we, as living things, intentionally go AGAINST that natural flow, there are consequences.

Now I will say that for quite some time, it was possible for us to go against that natural order and have somewhat minimal impact on our health & well-being. This has changed. It now makes a MUCH bigger impact. To read more about that check out my Radical Self Care series.

Choosing to align ourselves with cosmic forces–i.e. NATURE–is the key. We are working too hard going against the flow instead of with it

Going against the flow means that we must be exerting at least three times the effort and force to make something happen. These days, three times the force & effort is definitely not sustainable, and is in fact, damaging. Now, we always have a choice in the matter. If it is worth the extra cost, energetically, emotionally, physically, then great! Go for it. So, a crucial step here is to ASSESS THE ENERGETIC COST of any given activity. How much energy is going to take to do “fill-in-the-blank.” Is “fill-in-the-blank activity” worth the energetic cost it would require? Maybe, maybe not.

The Dark time of the year is about RENEWAL. When you consider how every task, action, activity is going to contribute to or take away from your own personal renewal process, you will be well on your way to greater peace within and without.

All is takes is a fairly minor shift in how we THINK about this time of year, and suddenly the pieces can fall into place much more harmoniously. The Dark time of the year is about RENEWAL. When we consider how each activity either contributes to our own personal renewal or takes away from it, we get the clarity about how to make the best choices for ourselves.

See your own personal energy as a bank account. Renewal is about adding to it. All winter long, you get to put more in, so that come spring, summer & fall, you’ve got LOTS to work with. If you don’t make this renewal process a priority when the conditions are naturally set for it, then you will constantly be working to add/save when the conditions are set for spending & expansion.

Renewal is essential for each one of us–and unique to each one of us as well. Everyone must find their own personal formula for what that renewal will be. And there are some “tried and true” methods that humans have used for eons to assist with this.

MEDITATION – Quieting the mind is hugely beneficial for the renewal process. Our nervous system is overworked in our high-stimulus society. Giving ourselves quiet time when we are awake sends powerful signals to our nervous system that all is well, which allows the other body systems to function more harmoniously. Here is a helpful scientific explanation of the benefit of  meditation on the nervous system. Contrary to popular belief, learning to meditate can be easy and fun! I invite you to join me for a 5 Week Max Meditation series starting in January that will give you a powerful and effective way to use meditation for your benefit.
CEREMONY/RITUAL – Using the dark time of year to focus on the natural renewal process through ceremony and ritual has long been a tradition for us as humans. Whether it is the Yule celebrations of welcoming back the light of the Sun or the Christmas celebrations of welcoming the Son of Light, the theme of honoring the light in the darkness is clear. Find whatever expression /activity resonates best for you and honor the sacred renewal process of the deep of winter. The richness that abounds here can be profound!

SELF REFLECTION – Slowing down and taking more time and space during the winter gives you a beautiful opportunity for self-reflection. The holidays can be so stressful when we DON’T give ourselves this time and space. Yes, it’s great to be with friends and family, AND overdoing it is not helpful. We naturally go inward at this time of year, so capitalizing on the inward focus to gain insight into yourself, your dreams, your desires is an essential piece to renewal as well. A wonderful method to work with if you are in need of one is to visit your own personal Sanctuary –a place within your Soul that is just for you and serve as an interface for you with your own higher guidance.  Having a journal to record your insights during your annual winter renewal is also a wonderful way to mark your yearly progress.

As we come to the very shortest of days and the longest of nights, defend the stronghold of your inner resources, adding to them as much as possible. And if that means an extra phone call to Aunt Sally because you will miss the family dinner or a *super short* appearance at the company party, then congratulations! Your personal resources bank account is that much fuller!

If you find that you have a deep longing for this renewal and just don’t know where to begin, please contact me. Helping people strengthen and empower themselves is what I do!

Sending you all MANY BLESSINGS this holiday season!

~Live Light & Shine Bright ~


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