The world has turned upside down in the past week–or at least so it seems. We have had a collective shake-down that most of us did not expect. Much has been revealed about the inner core of America–and it’s not pretty. As each one of us has been shaken to our individual core, we may or may like what we find there. Either way, it brings the unique opportunity to work from the core of who we are and make choices about what is truly important.

The major challenge for so many of us who are forward thinking and believe in love, togetherness, compassion and equality is accepting the fact so many of our brothers & sisters out there are not with us in this. Their priorities are not our priorities. Their beliefs are not our beliefs. And that is hard for us to imagine. How can they not see the truth that we see? How can they not understand how important it is to work together for the betterment of all?

Regardless of the answers to these questions, the fact is we are in major shake-down mode. There is no denying that it is scary. It is scary like nothing most of us have ever experienced because the status quo has just been obliterated. We don’t know what “normal” or “acceptable” is anymore. Just like that! We don’t know what people are going to do. The future is suddenly highly unpredictable and completely uninviting.

So now what?

Many calls to action have gone out and action is good. As long as it is the right action. Feeding the fear or the anger or the anxiety is not productive, yet it is so easy to fall into. It is time to step up–in a big way! It is time for each one of us to strengthen the core of who we are. It’s time to make the core of who we are the whole of who we are. No more masks. No more pretending, waiting, watching, denying. It’s time to be that superhero you have always known you are. It’s time to say that no matter what comes down, I will not give in and I will not give up. We can do this when we are truly aligned with the core principles of who we really are.

It’s time to make the CORE of who we are, the WHOLE of who we are.

So, who are you at your core? Let us use this opportunity when so much illusion has been stripped away to tell the truth. Let us return to the fundamentals of who we are and what is truly important. When we can stand with unwavering conviction and radiate love & acceptance in the face of fear and aggression, then we can start weaving a web of togetherness that will have the strength and stamina to do the job that needs to be done. And it is going to take each and every one of us to choose this. Each one of us who sees what is really important.
Each one of us who has removed the blinders of denial and is facing the terrifying truth of what is coming down the road. Each one of us must stand tall–as a pillar of safety, truth, love & compassion that can be relied upon regardless of the waves that are raging.

Ok, so how do we go about doing that?
It’s time to upgrade our own systems to start functioning at a higher level. We no longer have the time or energy to spare getting caught up in unnecessary drama or wheel-spinning. We need clarity. Decisiveness. Strength. Self-control. Self-compassion. Self-direction. We have been stuck for too long in a cycle of repetition. It’s time to break the cycle!

Luckily for us, some very wise people a long, long time ago knew that humanity would be reaching a crisis point right about now (or a number of crisis points, more accurately). The ancient Mystery Schools knew that humanity would be needing some kick-ass tools right about now and I am happy to say that the foresight and dedication of a number of warriors for the light have made it so we actually CAN step up in a major way! Mystery School initiates & practitioners have left an unbroken line of hope, teachings & methods that go back to the time when humans understood and valued spiritual greatness–and how to achieve that greatness. Our modern day mindset idealizes this spiritual greatness–we recycle the story of the underdog who rises up to become the hero over & over. Yet in our own lives, we settle for sitting back & letting others do the heavy lifting.

Well, the time when we could get away with playing the role of “supportive observer” is over. We must each step in to the role of the hero or heroine in our individual story.

And guess what?! We actually have the blueprint for that greatness programmed in to the very core of who we are. We hold the blueprint for our individual greatness in our DNA. So, all we need to do, is get that blueprint activated! And that is exactly what the Mystery School methods do–activate who we are from the level of the DNA up!

The blueprint for spiritual greatness is programmed into our DNA – all we have to do is activate it!

The best, most effective way to engage this process of activating your DNA is to receive a Life Activation session. The Life Activation is an individual session performed by a specially trained practitioner in the ancient Mystery School lineage. It is a one-of-a-kind empowerment process that literally flips the “on” switch to your DNA codes giving you access to the greatness within.

As synchronicity will have it, I will be speaking about this very topic of “Activating Your Archetypes” as part of the Gratitude Cafe Radio program on Tuesday morning. I will be highlighting the Life Activation session which is the first empowerment session that those embarking on this path to spiritual greatness receive.  Throughout this week, anyone who is ready for this empowerment can take advantage of the special offer of the Life Activation in conjunction with the show ($30 off regular price).

It is an incredible time we are living in. It is a time when we both have the call and capacity to become super-human. It’s time to rise above mediocrity, despair, confusion and apathy. It’s time to be the warrior, the champion, the hero.

Please tune in on Tuesday to hear my conversation with Sue Lundquist: 8 am KKNW 1150 AM or online

For more information about people’s experience with Life Activation check out this video.

And if you are ready to take a step toward YOUR greatness, I invite you to jump on the Life Activation Special I am offering on Tuesday.

Until then, live light & shine bright!

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