There is a term I have started using to describe the work I am doing: New Paradigm Educator.  You see, there is a whole new world emerging–a new paradigm where everything works differently– a new way of functioning as humans. For us as parents, teachers, leaders, and healers it is imperative that we get skilled at navigating this new world because our children need our help to get through it.  And it is the children and young people that are the very ones who can help us define and understand what this new world is all about.  That is, IF we pay attention to them. If we pay attention, they can tell us exactly what they need and how to help them, because at this time in history, our children and young people really need our help.

And that’s the trick–paying attention. We don’t know quite HOW to pay attention to them–at least not in the way that they need. This is a result of a number of factors:

1 – We are so dang “busy” on our own phones, tablets, computers etc, that we aren’t paying attention to much of anything happening in “real” time

2 – THEY are so reliant on screens so much of the time that relating in “real” time is what feels foreign to them. So efforts we may put forward are not always well-received.

3 – Many young people are not constructed the same way we are. Meaning their energy systems, neurological systems, endocrine systems literally FUNCTION different than the older generations. This means that what they experience may very well be like *nothing* we have ever experienced in our own lives, bodies, psyches…. That makes it very difficult to connect and understand one another

4 – The younger generation is motivated from a different place than the older generations. If you have heard of things like Indigo Children or Crystal Children or other such distinctions, you may be somewhat familiar with this conversation. They will not do things just to do things. It makes no sense to them. They have to connect at a deeper level to the purpose of something in order to have the motivation to act on it.

5 – They tend to live in a multi-dimensional reality–whether they realize it or not. They sense things and understand things and communicate about things in ways that the older generations don’t have “programmed in.” Without proper guidance to understand what they know & sense, this can be overwhelming for many young people.

Those five reasons, along with many others, have created a very difficult situation for our young people today. Diagnoses like ADHD or hypersensitivity, and challenges like substance abuse and addiction are becoming all too common in so many families today. Not to mention the increase in violence that has become a gruesome reality in today’s world.

So what do we do about all that? First of all, we must SLOW DOWN and listen. Listening with more than just our ears. Listening with our hearts, listening with our bodies, listening with our souls. Watching, exploring with them–as if we are seeking to get to know an alien race (which is some ways is actually true). As much as possible, JOIN them. And if you can’t get through to understand your own young person, talk to others who do understand. Find people who can help explain to you what challenges are really facing our young people today. Create a network. Educate yourself. Collect resources.

Our young people need us. And they need us now–even if there doesn’t seem to be any “problems” — YET. When the challenges do come on, they can come on fast & strong with very little recourse to set things straight. It’s all about connection.

So stop. Breathe. Connect. To yourself. To your surroundings. To your child.
And let’s make a difference for our young people!

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