Have you noticed lately that what we used to experience as “subtle” is really not very subtle at all anymore?

Things that were once easy to ignore are no longer quite so easy to brush off. The impact of the “little things” is getting bigger and bigger. The tolerance thresholds for what we used to put up with are getting lower and lower. Things like our desires, our needs, our boundaries–these are demanding our attention–and more than that–they are demanding our action.

Enter into the picture what I am calling *Radical Self Care.*

You see, it’s time–time for a new way. A new way to operate, where we recalibrate how we function in day-to-day life. We have become over-crowded. Every spare moment, every empty inch of brain space is taken up by stimulus, by data, by input. Internet, media, gaming. We no longer have the down-time–the time to process–that was built in to the rhythms of the past. We must change this. We need more space, more time to be with ourselves. To discover what our soul is calling for. To hear what our spirit is trying to say to us.

Hence Radical Self Care. Carving out that time. Carving out that space for yourself — your ENTIRE self. Not just the parts that are easy or “user friendly.” But ALL parts–the dark, the light, the clear, the confused, the orderly, the chaotic, the joyful, the sad. All parts must be made welcome. That, my friends, is a radical notion in our day and age.

Yet it must be done. We are suffering–individually and collectively. We must chart a new path. We must take a new course. And so I invite to join me in embracing this radical notion of taking ridiculously good care of yourself. Your WHOLE self. And I will be with you in it. Radically meeting the intensity of my own needs and offering the tips & tools that have helped most along the way.

Ready to get Radical?? Let’s do this!

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