It has come to my attention that I don’t speak often enough about what exactly it is that I do. Yes, I am a Healer. Yes, I am a teacher. But more than that, I am a spiritual guide. What does that mean exactly? Well, to say it briefly, I help people get to know the spiritual nature of who they are.

Have you heard the phrase “We are spiritual beings having a physical experience”? (Versus physical beings having a spiritual experience). More & more, people are realizing that this is true. If we focus on the physical nature of our existence, we quickly become bogged down, stuck, depressed & ill. That is the simplest way to state the challenges we are all facing collectively. We have our priorities all wrong!! This is why we are overrun by greed & violence. We believe that the physical is what truly matters. We believe that “success in the physical” is of the utmost importance, and we pay no attention to our spiritual nature. We cannot continue this way. And more & more, people are starting to wake up and understand that this is true.


As a spiritual Guide, I help people awaken, discover, uncover, activate & explore their spiritual nature. This is what we are yearning for–a deeper, clearer connection to the truth of ourselves as spiritual beings. There is are whole realms of reality that we are (mostly) oblivious to because we have not been trained to tune in to them. There are whole groups of spiritual allies waiting for us to call upon them for support, but we don’t realize they even exist.

Getting to know yourself as a spiritual being can happen in many, many ways. Some ways that people over the centuries have found particularly effective include things like meditation. Meditation means taking your immediate focus off of the day-to-day of our physical needs, and tuning in to what our spiritual needs might be. Spending quiet time in nature is another way many people find it easier to access their spirit side.

A significant challenge in the process of discovering one’s spiritual self, is the sporadic rhythm of it. We are SO conditioned to focus on the physical that our connection to our spiritual nature is fleeting. We can do it in certain contexts, but not in others. We can do it under certain conditions, but not others. This means we continuously undermine the progress we do make on that connection–questioning the validity and/or the reality of it.

This is where the specific tools that I work with currently stand out from the rest. The activations, initiations & healings that are the major focus of my practice offer something different. They are part of a larger system, a path of progression toward truly LIVING as a spiritual being in this physical existence. This system is ancient. It has been used by some of the most influential people in our planet’s history to awaken the deeper truth of their being so that they could carry out their specific life purpose and change the world. People like Leonardo daVinci. People like Isaac Newton. People like Nicola Tesla. How did they move beyond the limitations of day-to-day physical reality? They were connected to the truth of their spiritual nature as well as their life’s purpose.

Interestingly, whereas in the past, such a pursuit may have seemed like a “luxury,” it is clearly that no longer. The sense of urgency that so many of us are feeling to “do something more” or to “figure it out” is intense!! And sometimes it is even a matter of life & death. One of the dangers of NOT finding & cultivating this connection to your spirit-self is what we are seeing more & more in our world today. Apathy. Depression. Anxiety. Feeling lost or as though life is devoid of true meaning. This is a calling coming from deep within that if not answered, could have severe consequences.

So, let’s change this! The time for Spiritual Revolution is here! Let’s start seeing the world through our spirit-eyes and make different choices. Choices that make sense beyond logic–beyond what our brains or society will understand. This is the only way. Who’s ready?

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