The Path is ever unfolding before us. Never static. Never rigid. Call it the “path of free will.” Call it the “path of conscious choice.” Call it the “path of evolution.”

Whatever you call it, there are a couple of significant truths about it:

We are all on it, whether we know it or not.

We are all on it, whether we LIKE it or not.

We are the ones who determine this path & where it takes us.

This blog series “Walking the Path” will explore many different aspects of this journey and our relationship to the path we are traveling. Stayed tuned for more exciting discussions to come! 

For the last 15 years, I have been working with people on this—helping them navigate their paths. It is incredibly exciting & interesting work. As people wake up and realize that they can in fact change the course of their own path, amazing energy gets released, reclaimed and redirected. A major key in this is the practice of AWARENESS.

It is very true, as people often say, that it’s the JOURNEY that matters,  NOT the final destination. Yes. Yet. The path does, in fact, lead somewhere. Our quality of life is all about HOW the path unfolds. What kind of terrain are we traversing? Who is with us as we travel? Are we moving quickly or slowly? Are we getting stuck along the way? Are we moving in circles?

And what determines these things, is the vision (or lack of vision) we are holding for our path. When the vision is clear, it is much easier to make good choices about how to proceed, and to allow the journey to unfold. When the vision is not so clear, it becomes difficult.  If we don’t have this kind of vision for ourselves and our lives, we fall under the weight of three very real and very treacherous influences: depression, anxiety & apathy. Make no mistake about these—they truly endanger our lives—individually and collectively.

The key here is to be EMPOWERED to design your life. To direct the path & the pace at which you traverse it. When we are disconnected from this creative capacity, we loose a very important sense of self. We loose the connection to our divine birthright as spiritual beings. And things can get extremely dark without this light.

THERE IS HOPE! The solution is quite straightforward. We must reconnect. While the exact details of the circumstances of our reconnection process vary from person to person, the underlying steps are the same.

The #1 place to start to make sense of the puzzle is to BE AWARE. Unfortunately, the last hundred years & more have trained us to be LESS aware of what is going within us and around us. Awareness is a skill that can be learned. It takes practice and it leads to greater contentment & gets the process of re-connection underway.

Cultivating awareness requires SLOWING DOWN. It requires QUIETING THE MIND. It requires GETTING IN TOUCH WITH HOW YOU REALLY FEEL.

Yep. Three practices that are completely antithetical to our current society norms. Let’s change that! Let’s teach our children! Let’s start placing value on the things that are going to bring us greater peace & well-being individually AND collectively.

This is what Walking the Path is all about. Stayed tuned for more, and in the meantime, start practicing the awareness that will open up your process of re-connecting!

  • Quieting the mind–it’s so essential to our life journeys and part of being fully present in places our path takes us each day.

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