The world has gone crazy–or so it seems!! Or maybe we are just on our way to becoming un-crazy for the first time in millenia. In either case, there are some serious waves running through the energetic fields of planet earth.

What does that mean exactly? To give a true “explanation” of this statement would require delving into realms of metaphysics, philosophy, history, and perhaps even physics and religion. Instead, let’s talk about how that translates to our experiences in day to day life…!

MOST of us are experienced this as something like *forced change*. Change that is happening whether we like it or not at a pace that we did not necessarily choose ourselves.

More importantly then, the question becomes, “What do we DO about these crazy-making (or un-making) waves that are coming through?”

The best advice I can give you is this: EMBRACE CHANGE! SEEK TO CHANGE! Take stock of what is not working for you in your life and CHANGE IT of your own accord. This will get you into the practice of letting go and being flexible–both of which are needed when big waves hit! As you practice this, you will get better at it! And perhaps you will be able to help those around you learn how to do it too.

The waves that are coming through seem to have certain energetic frequencies or “themes” so to speak. There might be a relationship wave that has a bent toward flushing out co-dependency. So guess what that means? Yup! All of your co-dependent tendencies in all of your relationships are going to start blowing up all over the place…. Forcing change. If the relationship that was going along just fine with all the care-taking and enabling in place (which by the way was draining your energy and leaving your disempowered) stays that way, then you are pretty likely to perpetuate the patterns that have already been set up. But if the relationship explodes, you will be forced to do something about the co-dependent tendencies EVEN IF you don’t really want to.

So, my next best piece of advice is: START LISTENING TO THAT LITTLE VOICE! You know the one. The one that is persistent even though you continue to ignore it. Do a little experiment. Start listening to it and see what happens! If you get this little nudge that urges you to do something different. TRY IT!
This MIGHT JUST be your intuition, your higher guidance, your True Self giving you warning signals BEFORE an explosion…. To allow you to move through the changes more gracefully.

And if you want help with any of the above, please reach out! Everything that is offered here at HoH is geared toward supporting people in the process of shifting & changing.

Happy surfing to you all!

  • Val says:

    Thank you for your inspiration and support.

  • Val says:

    Thank you so much for this. It has, you have, been so very helpful at this time!

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